DIY American Flag & Union Jack Sneakers

What you’ll need for both shoes:

1. Pair of plain white sneakers. I used pretty cheap ones.

2. Acrylic paint – Blue, red and white

3. Tape and scissors

4. Paintbrush/sponge

5. Stars (for the American flag shoes) – you can use stickers or just draw the star pattern on the shoe

First we’ll start with the American flag shoes.


1. Stick the stars onto the shoe with normal glue.

2. Tape the soles of the shoe.

3. Paint blue over the stars. If the stars do not completely stick to the shoes, press them down when painting that area.

4. Wait for the paint to dry and remove the stars.

5. Tape where you want your white stripes to be. Then paint the parts without tape red. Do the same for the other shoe.

6. Let the paint dry and remove the tape.

7. If any white parts has paint on it, cover it up with the white paint.

And there you have it 🙂

ps: my feet looks weird lololol.


For the Union Jack shoes, I simply followed the tutorial  here

This time you’ll layout all your tape before painting. Place them in the arrangement of the Union Jack flag, covering all the white parts. Also, tape the soles of the shoes.

Paint the colors according to the flag. After the paint has dried, remove the tape gently and carefully.

There you go!

Have fun making your shoes 🙂


DIY galaxy shoes


DIY Galaxy Shoes

You would need:


1. A pair of cheap/ugly shoes – sneakers, flats, any cotton/canvas shoes

2. Acrylic paint – dark blue, blue, purple, white

3. A sponge/paintbrush and a toothbrush


1. Tape – if you’re using a pair of sneakers, you might want to cover the soles with tape so you don’t have to clean them later.

2. Other colors – you can add other colors depending on how you want your shoes to look like.


Basically, you would just need to dab the dark blue, blue and purple wherever you wish to give your desire galaxy look. You might want to use the sponge to fade out the colors.

Then, you would need to flick white paint onto the shoes using a toothbrush to create the stars. Don’t dab too much paint cause there will be ugly long stars on your shoes! 😦 If you don’t want to dirty you fingers, might as well use a toothpick or a super thin brush.

That’s all! Have fun creating your galaxy shoes 🙂