DIY galaxy shoes


DIY Galaxy Shoes

You would need:


1. A pair of cheap/ugly shoes – sneakers, flats, any cotton/canvas shoes

2. Acrylic paint – dark blue, blue, purple, white

3. A sponge/paintbrush and a toothbrush


1. Tape – if you’re using a pair of sneakers, you might want to cover the soles with tape so you don’t have to clean them later.

2. Other colors – you can add other colors depending on how you want your shoes to look like.


Basically, you would just need to dab the dark blue, blue and purple wherever you wish to give your desire galaxy look. You might want to use the sponge to fade out the colors.

Then, you would need to flick white paint onto the shoes using a toothbrush to create the stars. Don’t dab too much paint cause there will be ugly long stars on your shoes! 😦 If you don’t want to dirty you fingers, might as well use a toothpick or a super thin brush.

That’s all! Have fun creating your galaxy shoes 🙂




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